Who we work for

We work for Planet Earth.

Whether you are a small start up or a giant corporation, as long as you have sustainability in your DNA we will work with you. That said, if sustainability is something you would like in your DNA, we have loads of tips and consultants we can share with you to get you started. Once you are on the road to sustainability, we’ll help make films to help tell your story. We may even tell the story of how you became sustainable.

 This isn’t a cynical ploy on our behalf to target a niche market. Quite the opposite actually. We’re all professionals  in our own fields and have found that working with, for and alongside individuals and groups who embrace, truly embrace practices that make this earth a better not worse place to live and play on are the kind of people we want to do great work for. It’s not cynical. It’s just selfish. They tend to be amazing people who do amazing things and we want to work with and for them.