Green Eyed Monster Films offers a consultancy and training service to brands and organisations that need a bespoke overview on Climate Science and Climate Action tailored to your sector. Either in-house or via Zoom our 2 hour sessions explore the fundamentals behind the climate emergency,  what is Net Zero and how do we achieve it, how to become carbon literate, advice on personal and workplace actions,  and practicable takeaways to inspire.

We are IEMA Environmental Management qualified.

We train media professionals about sustainability at Adgreen .

We are Albert / Bafta trained in Carbon Literacy and Sustainable Production.

We studied the SDG’s for Business at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

We are media partners for Meaningful Business and contributors to Purposeful Disruptors

We have 15 years experience working for global brands.

We get a spring in our step collaborating with those who celebrate people and planet.

We get sustainability. We get brands. 

And we'd love to help you on your journey to becoming an agent of change. 

Email for more information.