Green Eyed Monster Films offers a consultancy and training service to brands and organisations that need a bespoke overview of climate science and low carbon production. Low carbon doesn't have to mean low creativity, quite the opposite. We believe any perceived limitations should be a fountain of inspiration. Experienced, hands-on production skills married to environmental management qualifications allows us to help you, not only understand, but act upon industry best practices. Ensuring you can reduce & offset emissions, drive sustainable business and help deliver on your Net Zero targets.

* Inspirational training

* Full production sustainability support across all departments

* Green supplier recommendations

* Carbon Calculation

* Carbon Offsetting

                                                           Client Feedback

Thanks Mark, that was an outstanding session today. I fucking loved it and will act upon it.  Ray / Rothco

Many thanks for the talk. It was genuinely an education and I’m pleased to say that two of my colleagues are attending next week.  Niall Horton- Stephens

I found it all so useful, interesting, scary. I think Mark presented and explained everything perfectly and I'll be forever telling my colleagues and teams to join this training.  Producer / VCCP

What a powerful (and emotional) session. You can't 'unsee this'. Feeling energised about making a real change. Thank you Mark Downes and the team for all work you are doing.   Producer  /Preen

Thank you so much for the training this morning. Very insightful and interesting session.  Margaret Livingston

Thank you – you delivered an extremely important message – I’m energised and determined to make a difference. Kari Flo / Intro UK

Brilliant! Thanks, Mark. Really pleased I took part in this.    Sean Hogan

Thanks so much for last week. Definitely learned a lot. I believe every single person in the UK should be educated on this, and maybe we could be able to achieve something important.  Producer / Mayor Productions

                                       We are on a continuous learning journey...

studying at Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership

we are IEMA Environmental Management qualified

we train media professionals on climate science and low carbon production at Adgreen 

we are  Albert / Bafta trained in Carbon Literacy and Sustainable Production

we studied the SDG’s for Business at Erasmus University Rotterdam

& we are media partners for Meaningful Business and contributors to Purposeful Disruptors

we have 15 years experience working for global brands. Bravo!

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