Blog -3 Sustainable Brands Copenhagen 2017

So GreenEyedMonsterFilms hits the road this week for its first ever Sustainability Conference. Run by ,  it takes place in beautiful Copenhagen from the 30/10/17 to 1/11/17. A city we have never been to and is renowned for its sustainable credentials across a plethora of industries. So a week of firsts. Very excited.

Another is, as a film-maker, travel for work usually involves a multitude of crew with military planning to ensure no team member or kit bag are left behind at any stage. So we’re quite looking forward to the notion of travelling solo, listening intently, learning and being inspired. We have so much to learn. Even at this stage of our GEM journey we have been overwhelmed with the knowledge and levels of expertise that so many different companies are implementing to ensure a sustainable and streamlined process is introduced into operations, systems, supply chains. Re-defining how we think about looking at the world and how we live on it.

We’ve volunteered at the conference. For a number of reasons. We’re new to this world and want to help in as many ways as we can. Access to the conference is free if you volunteer, so apart from some cheap travel and accommodation we’ve gained access to some world beaters in terms of topics and thought leadership for very little investment. Key when you are a start-up. It’s also quite humbling to be in a situation where you just want to learn. We want to be there to meet, enquire, question and challenge. We also want to drum up business for our fledgling company. Being in a hotel for three days with like minded people of astute business acumen is potentially worth three months of cold calling and getting nowhere.

The plan is to give GreenEyedMonsterFilms an adrenaline boost straight to the gatekeepers and moreover the leaders of brands. Decision makers who will hopefully see the value in the work we do and the skills we can bring to the table in order to tell their stories with aplomb.

The conference has focused our minds on the companies and brands who are attending and we have studied their narratives, failures and success’ with genuine interest. Some mind boggling efforts have and are been undertaken in so many far flung places. Further links on their websites is dragging us deeper into research, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer breadth of it. Obviously they have their area of expertise and excel in it. As film-makers we need to be experts across all of it. Well experts in storytelling across all of it.

And that’s what we aim to do. Sustainable storytelling for sustainable brands. Now that I have written that last line I wish I had put it on our new business cards, but hey, we’re hoping this first sustainable conference won’t be the last